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Maybe you've seen us in school. Perhaps you can recall us from the street. Or, it is possible that you are one of the special people who know us personally. Still, we doubt that you fully understand what it is to be a SHAK girl. Appearing to be an easy task, SHAK girls go through many trials as a part of their everyday life. For example, we must cope with the realities of being on a celebrity status. Also, the stresses of beauty and perfection's are burdens us SHAK girls know all too well.

However, there is a much more glamorous side to SHAK. With all of the hardships comes a power that makes it all worth the struggle. SHAK girls know what it feels like to be able to bask in the glory of the sun for hours at a time, without worrying about such terrible things as skin cancer or sunburn. SHAK girls are able to enjoy driving at accelerated speeds without the fear of being ticketed. Also, SHAK ladies never have to worry about failing a class due to late homework or being punished for coming home after curfew.

Why, you ask? Why does this special group of gals experience life on a scale so grand, no average girl could fathom it? The answer to that is simple.

You see, we are truly an exquisite breed of woman. From the way that our hair flows in perfect waves of medium blonde, to the elegance that our blue jeans have by simply resting on our hips. We are the physical embodiments of perfection. We have been blessed with grace, intellect, charm, and class.

The story of how SHAK came to be will forever remain a mystery for all of those who were not present on that faithful day. Still, you can be sure, when you see us walk past you,

We are better than you.