Heather Nicole (itslike__vogue) wrote in theshakincident,
Heather Nicole

Anyone can understand why i drink, IM WASHED UP. and its because im not being properly represented

I've come to the conclusion that I am in dire need of a P.R. person. yes, that's right, i need an agent. Why? because i need the world to see what i have to offer. I need the people to understand that I am a piece of art, and I desire nothing less than to be noticed.

And, as my Agent, I expect you to get me an invite to the VMA's.

So, anyone who is interested in being my P.R. person, please contact me as soon as possible. Experiance is a must.

Also, this application must be filled out:

Full Name -
Birthdate -
Location -
Hobbies -
Type of Car Driven -
Favorite Color -

How do you feel about working late to achieve the tasks given by your employer?
How do you plan to put my name out on the scene?
Would you be embarrassed to go to outrageous lengths for my career?
Do you understand the importance of a job well done?
Would you be willing to let your own social/school life suffer to please your emplyoer?

Your feelings on:
Politics -
Gossip -
Shoes -
Name Dropping -
Parties -

Class -
Beauty -
Blondes -
Brains -

Describe your style -
Explain why I should hire you -
Name all four members of my clique and give the clique's name -
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