krist0816 (krist0816) wrote in theshakincident,

Okay so everyone in SHAK has posted except for me so I feel it is time for me to post but I haven't got anything to say really so I am going to tell you guys a little story...

Saturday morning Alicia and i were making roast beef sandwiches for Shannon's birthday bash which we were having down by the river. so we finish that and have Shannon's party which was going good until this park ranger guy told us we had to move my car so we start to pack up all the things and left. then Monday night we go to drive Shannon home from my house and we smell something really gross. we can't find out where it is coming from until we look in the trunk and find the roast beef sandwiches Alicia and i made. it smelt so bad i could not go near them without gagging. well we made my brother go out and clean it up but it still smelled really bad in my trunk so heather grabs a bottle of unscented hair spray and sprayed it all over the trunk of my car which made it sticky and it still smells bad.

Oh and I can't find heather anywhere.
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